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I have written a tutorial-slide for illustration. The source code of the tutorial-slide can be found here.

Writing Deck.js slides with AsciiDoc is very simple, I suggest you get start with this template.

You can checkout all the related code in this repository.


A Deck.js backend for asciidoc.




Download the backend package and use asciidoc to install:

asciidoc --backend install

This will install the backend to ~/.asciidoc/backend/deckjs.

You can also use this backend without installation, see the next section.


asciidoc -b deckjs file.asciidoc

By default, the linkcss option is disabled so all the required js and css file will be embedded into the output slide. Checkout the template file for how to enable all kinds of options.

asciidoc -f deckjs.conf file.asciidoc

Make sure your asciidoc can properly find deckjs.conf. For asciidoc's configuration file loading strategy, please refer to this guide.

Note that without installation, you also have to enable linkcss option. Then put deck.js, ad-stylesheet and generated slide into the same directory.